The Rapture of Christ’s Church

The Rapture of Christ’s Church

In May 2004, I was sick in bed with pneumonia for 9 days. I stayed in bed like the doctor told me to, but had this consuming energy to do something. I decided to take advantage of the down time away from work, and read a book that I had always wanted to read called Left Behind. I am in no way trying to sell anyone on the book; it is just that this book stirred up something in me that prompted me to go on a quest in my Bible. Through all of my searching, I have decided that regardless of who is right and who is wrong about the Rapture, NO ONE should wait another moment to accept Jesus Christ or delay until the “time is right” to tell their loved ones the Good News which is…

That by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and by asking for forgiveness of their sins, the Gift of Salvation is there and waiting for them. No one knows the day or the time that our Lord Jesus will come to take up His Church. But wouldn’t you want to be ready? Or for that matter, for your loved ones to be ready, whether it is in this lifetime or not? Whether we have to suffer through the tribulation or not, why take the risk? Do you understand the risk of not accepting the Gift of Salvation? I will tell you:


I, like many of you, have heard about and wondered about “The Rapture” of Christ’s faithful followers. Many believe that this day will come after certain events have taken place, some believe not at all in our lifetime. My own personal belief has been that the Rapture would take place once the Antichrist had shown his power to the world and after the beast had made his mark on humanity, sometime after the Tribulation. The Tribulation or “Great Tribulation” is an event referred to in the New Testament of the Bible in Matthew 24:21 (KJV and other passages): “For then shall be great tribulation…”

When I was a baby, I was baptized and grew up in the Methodist Church. I was confirmed in the Lutheran Church at the age of 30, but did not truly accept Christ until the age of 40, when I was at an all time low in my life. At the age of 44, I was water-baptized in the Pentecostal Church, and have learned to lean on God in all of my circumstances. So basically, what I am saying is, if you understand how detrimental it would be, to be separated from God, no matter what religion you are – but do not share this wisdom with your loved ones, you run the risk of THEM being separated from God FOREVER. It is in everyone’s best interest to open his or her heart to God and listen, and/or open the Bible and read.